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Sample transportation

Sonic Healthcare operates pathology collection centres across the country. These centres are available to our Food & Water Testing clients as drop-off points for samples to be tested, and transported via our courier network. 

Clients leaving samples at any of our collection centres by a nominated time on a day can be assured that testing will be undertaken within a 24-hour time frame. Please contact the individual collection centre for advice relating to drop-off times. 

Our Australia-wide drop-off points and courier service are a point of difference, and offer an advantage for all clients. Providing easy access to SFWT laboratory testing by allowing delivery to any one of a number of locations rather than a single designated point, our clients benefit from  a streamlined service, with time-efficient and cost-effective sample delivery. 

To ensure your sample is received at the laboratory and suitable for testing, please note:

  • samples must be packaged to minimise potential for breakage
  • some samples require refrigeration following collection and during transport
  • samples should reach the laboratory for processing within 24 hours of collection
  • samples may be transported to our Penrith laboratory either on the day of collection, or overnight - from one of more than 500 collection centres in NSW and the ACT.

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